Browse GLAMIRA's special collections featuring distinctive themes. Each collection has its own character, offering exclusive designs for all occasions and sense of fashion.


Embark on a captivating journey through time with the Retrofuturist Collection, where the elegance of the past meets the innovation of the future. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and let each piece of jewellery tell a story of resilience and adaptation.

Nature Planet

Discover the 'Nature Planet' collection and carry the splendor of nature with you. Adorn yourself with leaf patterns, bright butterflies, and sweet ladybugs, each piece dedicated to nature lovers. Embrace the exquisite details of the natural world with our jewellery, and wear its elegance every day.

Urban Men

Discover the essence of masculine elegance with the Urban Men's Jewellery Collection, where each piece tells a story of courage, grace, and the spirit of modernity. Embrace the fusion of urban lines with timeless motifs, and allow your jewelry to create an expression as powerful and unique as yourself.


Explore the versatility of our new jewellery collection, perfect for day and night. Embrace the simple and elegant designs featuring round, pear, oval, and cushion forms with subtle spaces. Immerse yourself in the allure of our jewellery harmonious blend of chic and timeless style.


Set off on a journey of self-expression with Joy Collection, the trailblazer of the daily jewelry trend. Explore how vibrant colors, comfort, and bold designs redefine your daily style, making each day uniquely expressive.

Mix & Match

Explore the boundless possibilities of Mix & Match jewelry. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or bold statements, our collection empowers you to curate your own narrative. Craft a story that's uniquely you.

Mix & Match Mix & Match


Embrace the journey of 'I do' with 'GLAMIRA's Bride' – where love, elegance, and your unique story come together to create unforgettable memories. Let us be a part of your special day, where dreams are adorned with the beauty they deserve.

Youthful Shine

Spreading with youthful energy and captivating charm, each piece is a true  reflection of your vibrant soul. Get ready to sparkle and shine with our Youthful Shine Collection.

Turquoise Journey

Take a Turquoise Journey where vibrant beauty meets serene elegance. Explore the fascinating jewelery world adorned with enchanting hues of turquoise. Immerse yourself in the essence of serenity and style. Let the turquoise hues guide you on the path to timeless elegance and effortless charm.

Links Collection

Embrace GLAMIRA's "Links" collection, a tribute to the evolving human spirit and the connections that shape our world. Our innovative designs blend organic forms with rigid materials, capturing resilience and adaptability. Revel in the fusion of soft lines and firm waviness.

You Collection You Collection

You Collection

A collection that takes you as an inspiration. Your strength, your emotions, your infinite energy, and your love all came together in the creation of this collection. You Collection. Made with the highest quality gemstones the way you were made from the brightest stars, to reflect you and to become yours. This is You.

Tech Jewellery

Technology is always with us. To make our lives simpler and more enjoyable. With our gold tech accessory collection, we use their practicality to our advantage to add our gold touch and evolve them into daily accessories. With a diverse range of styles to choose and customize from, turn your wearable technology into a stylish accessory.

Tamara Gräfin Von Nayhauß x GLAMIRA Tamara Gräfin Von Nayhauß x GLAMIRA

Tamara Gräfin Von Nayhauß x GLAMIRA

The TAMARA GRÄFIN VON NAYHAUß x GLAMIRA collection features her favourite motifs, which have accompanied her for her entire life and which she used as a source of inspiration for her designs. Each piece in this collection is a lucky charm that brings positive energy and thoughts to the wearer. The collection includes symbolic designs made of various gold and silver metals, precious stones and diamonds, all of which can be customised. The Ear Cuffs and Pinky Rings are unique eye-catchers in the collection.

Hand Of Hamsa

Since ancient times, Hamsa has been a protective amulet that is believed to bring good luck, health and happiness to the wearer. So why not treat yourself or someone you love to a piece of bohemian jewellery today? From simple designs to more flashy ones with stones, our Hamsa collection has lots to choose from. Adorn your wrists, ears or neck with this traditional symbol.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye, a lucky charm that protects one from negative energy, inspired our designers to create this gorgeous collection. Browse through outstanding pieces of jewellery to find the one that appeals to you the most.

Sylvie by GLAMIRA

Emulate the classy elegance of Sylvie Meis by finding the best piece to fit your look among a carefully prepared collection of only the most gorgeous jewellery. Get inspired by charming rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that will be a perfect addition to your outfit. Sylvie Meis’ experience with different styles on TV and her personal life makes her collection a true fountain of stylish wisdom. Take a look at the diverse possibilities that await you!

Sylvie by GLAMIRA Sylvie by GLAMIRA
Genuine Genuine


Essence, connection and hope. These three notions inspired GLAMIRA to create its Genuine Collection featuring an amazing Selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Explore and create your own Genuine jewellery.

Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA

In this gorgeous Finest Selection ranging from diamonds to Swarovski crystals, you will witness the perfect harmony of the unique designs and the sparkling stones. Amanda is sure that all jewelry lovers can find a piece just for their styles. She also chose the most elegant pieces for modern men to make them stand out. If you want to join this world of fascination, also keep our customization option in your mind and discover Amanda’s selection now!

Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA Amanda Cerny X GLAMIRA
Neon Vibes Neon Vibes

Neon Vibes

If you're looking for a way to add some personality to your look, select your favourite colour and personalise your cheerful and candy-like jewelry to your taste.

Love / Luv / Verb

From a minimalistic approach to joyful colours and edgy designs, this Collection offers a Great variety of rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Love / Luv / Verb Love / Luv / Verb
Love Universe Love Universe

Love Universe

Love is and motion that is presented in all our lives. It connects us to other, to nature and the universe. Our Collection reflects this inherent link with wonderful designs focusing on the most profound of our emotions. Let love Guide you to find the right piece for you.