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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Youthful Mind

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.24 crt - VS

    GYD 281,647.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Alexander

    750 White Gold & Diamond

    1.296 crt - VS

    GYD 716,339.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Fair&Noble

    375 White Gold & Diamond

    1.008 crt - VS

    GYD 422,209.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Fearless

    750 White Gold & Diamond

    2.4 crt - VS

    GYD 1,485,684.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Smart&Classy

    950 Platinum & Diamond

    4.32 crt - VS

    GYD 2,633,016.00
  6. Newest Design
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Apollo

    750 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    3.472 crt - VS

    GYD 12,724,463.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Romantic Knight

    925 Silver & Ruby

    0.228 crt - AAA

    GYD 155,705.00
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink VIP

    925 Silver & Emerald

    0.576 crt - AAA

    GYD 219,626.00
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  11. Precisely Handcrafted Jewellery
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    GLAMIRA Cufflink Reynard

    375 White Gold & Diamond

    0.03 crt - VS

    GYD 239,688.00
  13. GLAMIRA Cufflink Aleser

    GLAMIRA Cufflink Aleser

    585 Yellow Gold & Sapphire

    0.372 crt - AAA

    GYD 286,278.00
  14. GLAMIRA Cufflink Atanas

    GLAMIRA Cufflink Atanas

    750 White Gold & Diamond

    1.14 crt - VS

    GYD 789,660.00
  15. GLAMIRA Cufflink Brendis

    GLAMIRA Cufflink Brendis

    925 Silver & Amethyst

    0.24 crt - AAA

    GYD 136,967.00

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Personalised Cufflinks For Men - Gold and Silver Cufflinks

Men usually want to look unique from others. It has been noted that a man’s personality could be judged by the clothing he wears. He desires to design himself in unique, different ways. One of the ways of expressing it is wearing cufflinks. GLAMIRA also creates cufflinks for men that will add a sophisticated look in a shirt. With the right selection of cufflinks, we can see confidence, sophistication in men.

The product of GLAMIRA is worthy and cufflinks could also be used for upcoming years to come. You can also check for gold cufflinks. You can choose different colors you wish to have with different designs. GLAMIRA helps to design cufflinks as per requirement of an individual and helps to increase personality of men.

When you are selecting cufflinks for your wedding or such events, GLAMIRA also provides different ideas for the groom-to-be. Outfit also include good cufflinks that enhances personality of a groom on his big day. You can get ideas from GLAMIRA. It helps to play an important part on your big day to set wedding cufflinks for a special occasion. It’s totally up to you which color, gem and even metal you wish to use for your day.

You can now style your cufflinks with your own design through GLAMIRA. You can choose the type of metal, along with the perfect color and design of diamonds you wish to have. There is a huge variety of cufflinks at GLAMIRA. You can easily get the right cufflinks here.