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  1. lifetime warranty
  2. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Penny

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Penny

    585 White Gold & Diamond

    1.55 crt - VS

    GYD 1,655,366.00
  3. 60 day return policy
  4. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Fabiolita

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Fabiolita

    375 Rose Gold & Ruby

    0.024 crt - AAA

    GYD 60,053.00
  5. Diamond Bracelets
  6. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Purlie

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Purlie

    585 Rose Gold & Diamond

    0.068 crt - VS

    GYD 100,542.00
  7. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Quillie

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Quillie

    375 White Gold & Ruby

    0.008 crt - AAA

    GYD 50,612.00
  8. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Elon

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Elon

    750 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.005 crt - VS

    GYD 115,774.00
  9. GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Ira

    GLAMIRA Kids Bracelet Ira

    585 White Gold & Emerald

    0.036 crt - AAA

    GYD 71,265.00

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Colourful and Sweet Kids’ Bracelets

With jewelry accessories, GLAMIRA also designs unique


for children. When we create bracelets of GLAMIRA, it includes bracelets of different colors and designs that attract many people and are best for kids. For a magical touch, we offer to add any image of your child’s favorite animal which helps your child to smile.
You can incise anything you wish to have in these bracelets to make it unique, like adding names. If you desire to know more about it, you can visit GLAMIRA.com for kids bracelets that can help your child to add anything he or she like to add. Speak with one of the qualified experts to see what is best for your child, or what they can do to give you the bracelet of your child’s dreams.