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  1. GLAMIRA Diamonds Ring Hercules

    GLAMIRA Ring Hercules

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.24 crt - VS

    GYD 136,207.00
  2. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Ares

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Ares

    925 Silver & Black Diamond

    0.07 crt - AAA

    GYD 136,942.00
  3. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Final Round

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Final Round

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.36 crt - VS

    GYD 219,679.00
  4. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Genius

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Genius

    585 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.33 crt - VS

    GYD 333,159.00
  5. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Heroic

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Heroic

    925 Silver & Sapphire

    0.6 crt - AAA

    GYD 176,881.00
  6. GLAMIRA Men's Ring No Rush

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring No Rush

    925 Silver & Sapphire

    0.5 crt - AA

    GYD 152,414.00
  7. Newest Design
  8. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Ramses

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Ramses

    750 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.288 crt - VS

    GYD 393,833.00
  9. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Sporty

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Sporty

    750 Yellow Gold & Ruby

    2.15 crt - AA

    GYD 547,276.00
  10. 60 day return policy
  11. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Terra

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Terra

    585 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.24 crt - VS

    GYD 296,546.00
  12. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Addison

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Addison

    925 Silver & Diamond

    0.03 crt - VS

    GYD 168,227.00
  13. 60 day free resizing
  14. GLAMIRA Men's Ring Guido

    GLAMIRA Men's Ring Guido

    375 Yellow Gold & Diamond

    0.072 crt - VS

    GYD 229,461.00

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Men’s Ring at GLAMIRA.com - Gold and Silver Rings for Men

GLAMIRA has a slogan for its jewellery which is every piece ought to be as “unique as you”. GLAMIRA makes groups of men’s rings of exceptional quality and creativity. The outcome is brilliant flawlessness. You can also include your own text or name in the ring and make it special and original.

Proceed and personalize your ring exactly how you want. You can also pick your own jewel and many other preferences. Begin the personalization process at GLAMIRA.com. Allow your character to be free. Pick from the top colors and the precious stones like authentic diamonds, emeralds and rubies. With all these choices you have when it comes to personalization you can create your men’s diamond rings and make it one of a kind. If you prefer following the cheaper route, you can personalize men’s silver rings with Swarovski crystals. You will have the ability to pick the alloy you want with this option. There are many awesome patterns to choose from for

men’s gold rings

. It is very simple to pick one that suits your character. Gold is long-lasting and you will wear it for many decades.

Include a final touch with birthdates or names to be etched in your unique ring. Dig into your creativity and work with specialists from GLAMIRA to get the best option for you from men’s rings.