Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy reflects our objective of maintaining the best price in the market while offering high quality. GLAMIRA proudly stands behind its products, offering endless variety in designs and opportunities for modification. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, without compromising the quality of the products.

GLAMIRA operates online, avoiding many unnecessary costs, while many retailers are obliged to high costs of running in physical stores.

How Do We Keep Our Prices Low?

  • Established roots in the jewellery trade - With two decades in the online jewellery trade, we know how to manage our costs at all levels.

  • Direct from the source - All gemstones and jewellery. Every step in a typical retail model influences the final price of the product. We are the manufacturer, covering all the phases involved in the process, from the first touch of pen on the paper until the product is handed to a courier. By refraining from dealers, importers, wholesalers and high street stores, we can bring massive savings to our customers.

  • Long term cooperation with reliable suppliers - Discovering the best sources for materials and maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers allow us to save on the costs needed for production, which results in a reasonable final product price. Established long-term links with reliable sources for the finest quality raw materials allow us to offer one of the best prices today.

  • Advantage of operating online - This allows us to save expenses of facilities, maintenance, and employment needed for a physical shop, which would otherwise reflect on the final price of the products.

  • No Stocks - Get what you want, not what we have - Since we manufacture every order from scratch as per your preference and customisation, it results in wise utilisation of materials. We save from storage costs as we don’t work with stocks. We can offer the best deal for the budget you dedicate and provide the possibility for metal, stone, karat, size, and other options.

    We put a lot of effort into providing the best prices and high-quality products for our customers. To achieve this goal, we are unable to produce multiple items for our customers for comparison purposes. In the case of comparison purchase, GLAMIRA holds the right to cancel one or multiple items from an order.

  • In-house experts - designers, gemologists, and jewellery experts identify the materials and their quality (metals & stones), create new designs and manufacture them under one name with no additional operational cost.

  • No hidden charges - You customise your item by selecting all variables on your own. We do not add unrealistic costs to our product price. Thus you only pay for the value of what you purchase.

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