At first sight, diamond, white sapphire and Swarovski might look indistinguishable. All three stones exhibit unique qualities, benefits, and conditions that you might find suitable for various occasions. Colour-wise, white remains the colour of elegance for jewellery - placing the colour itself in the top list of most popular jewellery. The main difference that can help distinguish white sapphire from diamond is light refraction - a process of light entering the stone and bouncing back, creating an elegant shimmer. The main difference between diamond and Swarovski crystal is that diamonds are natural stones, whereas Swarovski is human-made.

Both white sapphire and diamond look great for jewellery pieces like necklaces, rings or earrings. Their high hardness makes them go very well with any style and model. Although diamonds and white sapphires have similar brilliance, they are sourced from different geological locations, and their mineral qualifications are different. White sapphires come from the corundum gem family, and this family tree also includes coloured sapphires and rubies. On the other hand, diamonds contain pure carbon and have the same component as graphite and charcoal. If your budget allows, we highly recommend you to go with the diamond for a lifetime experience, but if you are looking for a wallet-friendly option, white sapphires can be a great choice with similar quality.

Diamond formation occurs under high heat and pressures deep down on earth. This high pressure makes the diamond the hardest and most conductive substance. A volcanic eruption carries the diamonds to the surface while sapphires occur and stand on the surface like a sedimentary rock deposit. You need to carefully take care of your diamond jewellery to keep its high brilliance and contrast. You can use a soft toothbrush and a special paste to clean the diamond, but if you have a white sapphire, you dont not need to do this cleaning process too often. The eye-catching spark of diamonds is timeless and always popular for a trendy engagement ring or wedding band.

Let’s have a deeper look into the difference between white sapphire and diamond in reference to colour, light refraction, and durability criteria.


To see the difference between white sapphire and diamond, you can check the hues of light. Generally, a diamond reflects the light very strongly and this creates a breathtaking spark and white sapphire still has shine as well but not as strong.

Light Refraction

When the light is absorbed in the corners of the gemstone, light travel starts inside with angles, and the light refraction happens from one side to the other side like an endless luminary of the sun. Diamond has an immense amount of light refraction because of its construction and thus shines brighter. This beautiful mother nature gem also affects the value of a diamond. When you compare white sapphires and diamonds, you will see that diamonds show all rainbow colours. The amazing colours become visible with light, which is the power of rarity. Rare gemstones are always precious and in demand for centuries capturing light and reflecting a beautiful shimmer.


The durability of a diamond is four times more than that of white sapphire, making the gemstone very strong. A white sapphire does not get scratched easily, and no matter which one you opt for, with an amazing crafting, you can get a lifetime jewellery piece.


When you compare diamond and Swarovski, you might not see a big difference, but in reality, there is a significant difference when you start to look from a different perspective with knowledge.

Swarovski is a crystal which is made of glass from Austria. It does not occur naturally, and because of this, it is not a natural gemstone. Swarovski's beautiful advantage is its high spark and stunning crystal clarity. Moreover, it allows you to give different shapes and get a wide variety of colour options.

Diamonds have different criteria, characterised as 4C's: colour, cut, clarity, and carat. These criteria determine the quality of diamonds, and according to variable values, you can also get a diamond with certification such as GIA or HRD. You can find all the essential properties of the stone that you purchase through these certifications. If you cannot decide between a Diamond, a Swarovski and a white sapphire, make a table to set out the differences.

Diamond has a lifetime duration, and it is natural, rare, sparkling and has the highest quality. Swarovski is lab created, sparkling, wallet-friendly and has a similar look to diamonds. White sapphire is natural, affordable and has durability.

Your choice can be a ring, an earring or a necklace. The most important thing is to select the suitable stone according to your taste; we ensure that the craftsmanship has high quality and consider your budget. Please always remember that whichever stone you choose, jewellery is a delicate and gentle piece, so you need to be very careful while using and wearing a ring, a necklace or an earring. The usage affects the stone very much. To avoid scratches, colour, or spark inconvenience, you need to be kind and friendly to your stone.