Unlimited Gemstones Options

Here at GLAMIRA, you can choose from such an amazingly vast majority of jewellery with different gemstones and variations of their colours. We attempt to cater to a wide range of preferences and styles so that our customers have plenty of alternatives. You will find the perfect fit for yourself, from the more traditional white diamonds to our newest categories of coloured diamonds or rarer shades of gemstones like London Blue Topaz.

Different Styles

GLAMIRA designers constantly strive to provide our clients with as many options as possible. That is why you can find an overwhelming amount of different jewellery styles on our website, responding to every conceivable taste.

Years of Experience

Due to many years of professional attitude and striving to improve our work constantly, GLAMIRA has spread through many countries and has departments worldwide. Ordering from us assures a piece of jewellery that shows dedication to the field and years of experience.

Quality Assessment by Professionals

GLAMIRA makes sure that all of our jewellery is of the best quality. Every item passes the stringent control of our team of professionals. Every detail of our jewellery is created and produced with the most tender care and attentiveness while taking advantage of years of experience and profound knowledge in the field.

Different Payment Methods

GLAMIRA is committed to making the ordering process as smooth and comfortable as possible. We provide different payment methods so you would be able to pick the one most suitable for you.

Ethical Assured Places

GLAMIRA works only with ethical and regulated gemstone mining areas. While purchasing a piece of jewellery here, you can be sure that the gemstones did not come from the conflict zones and only from the most reliable sources.

Fast Free Delivery

GLAMIRA provides an insured, fast and free delivery to your address. We are in partnership with reliable delivery companies that ensure your order will reach you safely and in the shortest time possible.


Our clients are provided with the approved GL certification and the possibility to order the GIA certificates for the diamond jewellery.

Order Without Risk

You may rest confident that when you order from GLAMIRA, you are not taking any risks. We offer our customers the option of returning their purchases within 60 days, so you can be confident in purchasing the jewellery that is right for you. You need not be concerned about an inappropriately sized ring because you have the option to resize your ring for free once within 60 days. Furthermore, the lifetime warranty that we offer demonstrates our confidence in our products and services.